Saturday, May 21, 2011

GOAL : Architecting like Adi Shankaracharya ?

Events in life destined to happen in an interesting order and has hidden message in them.  You realize them only when you intrigue these. I felt this info is related to ME and not pertaining to any abstraction of roles I play– thus felt to update in all my 3 blogs.

Recently watched a movie on Adi Shankaracharya and prepared for TOGAF part-I exam.

Most number of architects in humanity is from INDIA and is from Hinduism. Hinduism is not a religion of one but is a continuum, where many have realized the god in themselves.  It is not one or two books but numerous artifacts written over centuries by these God-realised Yogis/Sadhus. Pre Adi Shankaracharya era these numerous artifacts were interpreted in as many number of ways causing confusion on what they ideally meant.

Adi Shankaracharya (in Film) looks at heap of Vedic documents in a cave of his guru and asks why they are in this state. Guru explains threat to them and inspite his noble and best efforts he couldn’t maintain these well and make them available to general public. People with no proper knowledge were taking not so correct interpretation of these texts were following few blind believes. Adi Shankaracharya embarks on his mission not only to re-engineer the artifacts but also make a continuum to dissipate correct information on what actually Hinduism core principles were. To him the prophesy was “bring his friends, family and community from cult behavior and establish a continuum to avoid the same beyond his life time”. He went onto bring Advaitam meaning of Hinduism, Defy many Blind-Believes in community by himself and establish Four Maths to sustain Hinduism’s true message come out for centuries. Can we do at least 1% what Adi Sankaracharya did centuries back. I feel I would be blessed even if we could do 0.1% of what we wish to do.

Challenge of current period is lack of time !? Advent of Internet and Web2.0 data has been ever increasing but when it comes to get right information we have the similar issue of having numerous interpretations but not sure if have the right answer required.

What is it to club these numerous artifacts being built/written through aspirants interpretation of the core epics along with these Epics. “Hindu Arch Repository”. Classify documents- what would be ABB, SBB? What’s the scope or enterprise ? What is the “Archtecture work” to start an TOGAF-ADM cycle. Is the answer is to have active blogs by categories like Karma, Yoga, Varnam, Varnasankaram, DHarmanm, Nyayam, Rules of Balyam-Komaryam-Bhramacharyam-GruhaPrasatham-Vanaprastham-Sanyasam etc.,

                                Goal is to enhance the Primal Vedic Literature(Literature its manifestation to Upanishads and its essence of these illustrated by Gita) through an state of art architecture (creating respository) using collaboration of aspirants/knowledge-seekers under guidance of Gurus – Thus provide mos accurate and relevant information.

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